Lisa Taylor runs an emotional Richmond 10k

Lisa took up running to help her recover physiologically and having done the Richmond 10k she is now setting her sights to her next challenge, We are so grateful and thankful to Lisa for raising awareness and funds.

Laura Johnson Completes the York 10k

Laura has achieved running a 10k through sheer hard work and determination as she openly says she has never been a runner. Thank you Laura for raising funds and awareness.

Claire Whatton Runs the Lincoln 10k

Claire takes on a huge personal challenge, after a weather induced false start and a few injuries on the way, she recently took part and ran in the Lincoln 10k.

The EPT’s view on the Pregnancy Loss Review

At present, when a baby is stillborn after 24 weeks’ pregnancy, the stillbirth must be registered in the stillbirth register. However, there is no provision to allow the registration of any type of pregnancy loss before the 24th week of pregnancy. The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has set up a review […]