Fundraising at home

Raising funds and awareness about ectopic pregnancy while at home #StayHome

During difficult times, having focus can help maintain physical and mental wellbeing.  

Many of the fundraising activities suggested on our website can be adapted in light of Government guidelines during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. We have a supportive online community and please do use our dedicated Facebook pages to keep in touch with and support each other in the weeks and months ahead.

Our Fundraising Coordinator Jill at is on hand to help with your queries and please do get in touch to discuss your ideas. We have set out a few suggestions below.

EPT1000 Challenge at home

Participate in the EPT1000 Challenge in your own home, at your pace. You are welcome to extend your timeframe or pause the Challenge as and when you wish. You can count climbing the stairs, participating in fitness videos and even gardening in totting up your miles or kilometres.

Virtual walks, runs and bike rides

Using gardens, treadmills and bikes at home, you can be as creative as you wish in setting your own targets – perhaps run a marathon or cycle from London to Paris “at home”!

EPT Healthy Habits

With changing lifestyles, now is the time to make healthy choices. Stopping smoking, losing weight and reducing alcohol intake are always easier with support and encouragement – and by being sponsored by friends and family, you can raise funds and awareness of ectopic pregnancy at the same time. 

Virtual EPTea Party

Social distancing need not mean the end of a catch-up over coffee with friends. Pick a date, set up online, pop the kettle on and have a chat while raising funds and awareness of ectopic pregnancy. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Houseparty are all popular platforms that are free to set up and use.

EPT Virtual Socials

Get-together virtually with a quiz night, sing-along or disco with family and friends donating to join in. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Houseparty are all popular platforms that are free to set up and use.

EPT Energy

Start up virtual exercise classes for others to join with a donation. Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Zumba, Body Pump are just a few popular ideas… or choose your own passion! Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and YouTube are all popular platforms that are free to set up and use.

EPT Skill Up 

In these challenging times, it is important to have focus as we all adjust to new ways of working and living. Get knitting, crafting, DIY or learning a new language. By asking friends and family for sponsorship, you can raise funds and awareness for ectopic pregnancy while learning a new skill. 

If you have a skill you can teach and share with others, set up virtual classes with donations to join in. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Houseparty, and YouTube are all popular platforms that are free to set up and use.

Every Step Counts

Set yourself a step target. Whether doing laps around the garden or using your stairs, keeping track of your daily steps not only keeps you active but helps energy levels and motivation.

EPT Mindfulness

Secure some time and space for your thoughts and raise money while doing so, with a sponsored silence or take the time to read those books that you’ve always meant to tackle!

EPT Creativity

Arts and crafts can be therapeutic in times of stress. If you have a creative flair, you can sell and donate a portion of your profits to the charity. Recent supporters have sold art, framed photographs, and bath bombs to raise funds through Ebay.