Be Active

Be Active

We are able to offer you the flexibility to be as creative as you wish to find or organise an event that appeals to you. As we are a small charity, we simply do not have the resources currently for our own event.

Whether it is on dry land or making a splash, endurance events are always popular with our fundraisers. Set yourself a personal goal with a renewed focus; many of our fundraisers consider and value participation in these events as part of their personal recovery journey.

Use the Time Outdoors website to find running, walking, swimming, or cycling challenges in your area.  If you cannot find an organised event, feel free to set up your own sponsored walk, swim etc. Our Fundraising Coordinator is on hand to guide you with her knowledge and expertise. These websites are also useful:

Covid-19 (coronavirus): Fundraisers must follow Government guidance. Please stay at home. 

Virgin London Marathon official coach, Martin Yelling, shares top tips on how to run in the current climate concerning the coronavirus outbreak.

EPT1000 Challenge

The EPT1000 Challenge — Your Goal, Your Way

At the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, we thought we would set up EPT1000 Challenge that will stretch and inspire you for a whole 12 months. It is low cost, you are in control and by the end you will have achieved something truly amazing.

The challenge is either to run, walk, cycle or a mixture of all covering a distance of either 1000 miles or a 1000 km within the space of 12 months. You can track your activities manually or import from an exercising app such as MapMyRun, Strava, Garmin, fitbit etc. Then gain support and increase awareness by telling everyone what you are doing and why and let them know where to find your online fundraising site. Take the challenge!

Completing the EPT1000 Challenge should be in line with Government guidance

EPT Mini Virtual Challenge

The EPT Mini Challenges

Join us on one of our fun EPT Mini Challenges to raise awareness and funds for the charity (and even add to your medal collection!).

What: The EPT 5k Mini Virtual Challenge. We would love for you to join us on this second 5k virtual challenge to raise awareness and have a bit of fun as we enter Spring by running, jogging or walking 5k.

Where:  You can run, walk or jog, on a treadmill, track, pavement or in the park (strictly following Government guidance). 

Covid-19 (coronavirus): Participants must follow Government guidance. Stay at home. 

Virgin London Marathon official coach, Martin Yelling, shares top tips on how to run in the current climate concerning the coronavirus outbreak.

When: Friday 10th April – Sunday 10th May 2020

With: Members of The EPT team will running 5k around various locations in the UK.

Keep in touch: Tag us your photos on Instagram, or share your photos in the comments of one of the challenge related posts on Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EPTMiniChallenge.

To enter: Visit the EPT’s online shop and select Mini Challenge, paying the £10 entry fee. On checkout, please provide your email address and telephone number and we will soon contact you with further details. 

Wear an EPT branded t-shirt along your chosen route to raise awareness, too! These can be purchased from our online shop using the link below. 

When you have completed your EPT 5k Challenge, we will send you a commemorative EPT medal.

Raise awareness with our EPT branded t-shirts and handouts

Don’t forget to wear your branded Ectopic Pregnancy Trust t-shirt and share the EPT fundraiser handout (PDF) with your supporters.

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