Tara Kelly Shares her Emotional Marathon Journey

Tara has just run her second marathon joining our  VLM18 team.   Tara and her fiancé tragically suffered an ectopic last year and Tara felt she needed a focus.  Here she shares her marathon journey and how it took her from a low place, not helped with the harsh weather conditions through the training months, to smashing her target completing the marathon in 04:16:34.

Tara’s Story

I ran the marathon once before, back in 2012, and although I was disappointed with my time (5 hours 25) I was adamant I’d never do it again.
That changed after we suffered an ectopic pregnancy last year. I was feeling very low and I needed something to focus on to pull me out of it.
I applied and honestly thought I wouldn’t get in so when I got the call to offer the place to run I was stunned. But it was the kick I needed.

I live in the South Wales valleys and have had to train in heavy snow, ice and torrential rain and it has been incredibly tough. There were times I considering pulling out. But I’m so glad I didn’t!

The day itself was surreal. On the way to the start, a total stranger saw my running vest and literally reached out to me to say she’d been through an ectopic herself which set the tears off!

The heat during the race itself was unreal, I must have thrown gallons of water over my head to stay cool and adjusted my target to finish in 4 hours 30 to 4 hours 45 so I wouldn’t over exert myself in the sunshine.

The support on the day from friends, families and the crowd was spectacular and genuinely gets you through the moments when the pain gets a little too real. My knee gave way at about mile 24 so I honestly attribute my finish time to people cheering for me and giving me a much needed boost.

Couldn’t be happier to say I finished in 4 hours 16 so absolutely smashed my target. No more marathons for me but my fiancé is considering putting himself forward now with a view to further fund raise for the ectopic trust in the future.

We are so grateful to all Tara’s hard work training and raising funds and awareness for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.  If you feel inspired and would like to donate to our marathon runners please see Tara and her fellow runners fundraising pages.  Or please get in touch if you would like to be part of our team next year.

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