Amy Completes her EPT1000 Challenge

Many of our EPT1000 Challenge participants have found how much it has helped their physical and emotional journey. It has given people a focus and enabled them to get out and about to suit them with family, friends or enjoying time to themselves. Lots of people have surprised themselves and entered races, joined local park runs, joined running, biking, walking or swimming groups. A large number started their challenge ticking off Kilometres then have switched to miles. This is exactly what Amy did, she ploughed on really putting herself out of her comfort zone. We would love to share Amy’s story with you below and are eternally grateful to her passion and endurance and to her for raising awareness with her regular updates and bravely sharing her story in the Sheffield Star. We shall certainly miss the regular updates of her latest runs, family walks and races.

Amy’s Story:

After my first ectopic which was so traumatic I felt I was stuck in a dark place that I never thought I could come out of. It was coming up to a year after my first ectopic pregnancy that I saw the EPT1000 challenge and knew I had to do it as I needed to do something in memory of our loss and to help myself. I started out walking and bike riding. I then had a second ectopic which meant the challenge had to be put on hold and again I fell in to the dark place. However I didn’t want to and luckily saw the Sheffield half marathon and thought how great it would be to take part in that as a personal achievement and thought the training could also go towards my EPT1000 miles. This led me to start running particularly taking part in park runs. I also joined the gym which I was so scared of at first.

Half Marathon Ready!

I did the half marathon finishing it in 3 hours 2 minutes which I was very happy with. This led me to doing the Sheffield 10k run, during this training I ran a few times with a local running group and doing the local park runs I eventually got a personal best of 35 mins. I entered another Sheffield half marathon this year with my husband and sister, this time I ran the half marathon in 2 hrs 59 which was another personal best so this challenge has included many personal bests which I intend to carry on doing as I enjoy the running and how it makes me feel .

I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge because it has got me and my family out walking and has helped us as a family appreciate the outdoors more. We have been on many walks in all weathers; snow, rain, sun… We’ve walked along rivers and up hills, along Humber bridge, Monsal trail,ladybower reservoir and many walks in various holiday locations. It really has been fab.

I thoroughly recommend this challenge to anyone who has gone through an ectopic pregnancy or any other loss as it really does help your health, well-being and self esteem. After these losses, I lost myself. I spent most of my days crying and I shut myself in the house. It was the only place I could cry it all out so I knew I needed something to focus on to get me out again. I now feel good about myself. The challenge has helped to make me feel like me again.

Out and about clocking up miles while enjoy the outdoors!
Raising Awareness in Sheffield

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