Antonia and Richard’s EPT1000 Challenge during Lockdown

We have really loved following Antonia and Richard’s EPT1000 journey despite all their many ups and downs and limitations of lockdowns, they both really powered through and made the challenge work for them. I’m glad to say that even though they have now completed their 1000 mile challenge they are all still enjoying getting out and about on walks. Here Antonia has talked openly and bravely about her experience and what led them to deciding to join the challenge.

The challenge is designed to be flexible to suit each individual on their journey, it can be adapted during lockdown times and can be paused if needed. It is a great way to keep active, focussed and can really help emotionally as well as physically. If you feel inspired by their story and fancy taking part in the EPT1000 challenge please take a look and contact our fundraising coordinator

Antonia’s Story:

It was on our first wedding anniversary that Richard and I were delighted to find out I was pregnant so when I started bleeding less than a week later we were devastated.  Assuming yet another miscarriage a colleague drove me straight to the doctors who booked me in for scan the next day.  I was told the scan was inconclusive so I had to have a blood test.  Further blood tests followed which showed my hCG levels increasing, though not at the rate they should be and after another scan we discovered that the egg had implanted in my left fallopian tube.

I had heard of ectopic pregnancy but I really didn’t know much about them.  I didn’t know that 1 in 80 pregnancies are ectopic, I didn’t know that the older you are the more likelihood that it can happen, I didn’t know that it could lead to surgery and losing a fallopian tube, or worse.  I count myself lucky as I didn’t have to have surgery, as after a week of constant hospital visits, blood tests and scans it was decided to treat my ectopic pregnancy with medication; I say I was lucky as I didn’t end up losing my fallopian tube but the methotrexate wasn’t exactly pleasant.  After this I had a further 4 weeks of regular blood tests to make sure the methotrexate had worked and that my hCG levels were going down.

It was a horrible time and I found myself bursting into tears at absolutely everything but the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and invaluable information and resources which were a great help so when we heard about their 1,000 mile challenge Richard and I thought it would be great to try and help raise some money for this great cause.

We started our challenge strongly in January 2020, trying to get out as often as we could and encouraging friends and family to join us on our walks about, however lockdown coming in March, which caused me to lose my job, and finding out I was pregnant at the same time hampered progress a little.  We weren’t allowed to take the trips away and visit friends and family as we had planned and had to make do with walking around our local area which is lovely but it got a bit boring at times for my daughter and wasn’t nearly as much fun as visiting all the different places that we had planned to do and getting out with different people.  I now have a wonderful baby boy who joined us in October but my pregnancy didn’t help our challenge either as I had complications and worried constantly due to passed issues.  Still we kept going and enjoyed ourselves immensely when we did get out knowing we were getting exercise and helping to raise some money and awareness for a great charity.  Our ept1000 challenge may be over but we are still getting out walking as much as we can!