Catherine’s Body Shop Party

We are really grateful to Catherine who has recently hosted a fantastic Body Shop at home event. Donating all commission and funds from cake sales and a raffle/tombola. Catherine is passionate that ectopics are not a taboo subject and is very keen to raise awareness. They had a fantastic day enjoying some lovely cakes, beauty treatments/face masks whilst raising over £400.

Catherine’s Story:

Recently mine and James’ world was turned upside down when I was first diagnosed with a miscarriage, then just 2 days later to be followed with a second diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. Our first ever pregnancy and we lost twins.

We never ever suspected ectopic pregnancy up until they diagnosed me. I was in denial of even the chance of having an ectopic pregnancy when they suspected it. Ectopic pregnancys can be fatal if untreated due to tubual rupture and internal bleeding, so we were given the option of an injection to terminate the foetus or surgery to remove the egg and tube. Neither would be pleasant but the injection meant I kept my fertility, whereas surgery would reduce your chances as you’d go down to just one ovary and tube.

Thanks to the work of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust ourselves and other families going through the same thing have access to necessary support, guidance and information. Personally I have received a great deal of support through this charity and am so grateful for the support they have given me. I wanted to give back as a thank you to this amazing charity by fundraising so more people can benefit from their services.

Raising Awareness
Raising Funds
Enjoying Cakes

Thank you so much for all Catherine’s hard work. if you feel inspired to fund raise for us please take a look on the fundraising section of our website.