Daniel Rush Completes the Sage Life Cycle 2018 – London to Newcastle

We are in awe and so thankful to Daniel, undertaking and completing this amazing challenge with such passion and commitment raising incredible funds and huge awareness.  Please do read his update below this time detailing his cycling  journey, to read more about Laura and Daniel’s story do also take a look at his previous entry detailing their devastating ectopic experiences from a man’s perspective.

We are sure Laura is extremely proud of you Daniel!

Daniel’s Story

On Friday 6th July I completed my ride from London to Newcastle which I had done with a number of colleagues from Sage software. I had wanted to raise money for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust following the struggles my wife Laura and I have had with ectopic pregnancies, of which we have had two and so far have been unsuccessful in 4 years of trying for a family.

Having seen the devastating effect first hand and in truth not fully knowing how to cope with things myself I took the challenge of riding from London to Newcastle as a positive focus, to try and give something back and raise awareness about something which has been a very private matter for Laura and I previously.

All week the thought of seeing Laura and getting a hug drove me home, I formed part of the fast group of 4 lads so there was no hanging about, we wanted it to be an effort! I got to see some beautiful parts of the country, I particularly liked stopping over in Cambridge, which I hope to take Laura to in future (with a little one in tow). The scenery from there to York was particularly stunning, the sun shone on us the entire way.

The training and the ride took quite a bit of dedication and there were times where I had to push myself…..ultimately in my mind this doesn’t compare to what Laura and I have went through with the ectopics and I never wavered in my efforts when the pace was upped. This ride saw me clock my fastest ever average pace over 80 miles of approx. 20mph (which for non-cycling fans is pretty fast!).

On the last day the route took us directly past the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Gateshead, the staff there performed both surgeries to remove the babies that didn’t make it and looked after Laura so well. It was a poignant moment for me as I rolled up the hill past it ready for the descent back to Newcastle and to my wife.

I have some fantastic memories from the ride, made some new friends who I hope to see again and I can always say I rode my bike from London to Newcastle.  Although I guess future challenges will need to be harder……..

I’m proud that I was able to raise some money for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and salute all those women and their partners who go through this horrible experience and also gather themselves to try to get on with life as normal. I hope Laura is proud of me, now I need to knuckle down, support her and hope that in the coming months and years we are fortunate enough that our family planning efforts will work out.

To anyone who reads this who has been affected by an Ectopic pregnancy, remember that there are fantastic charities like The Ectopic Trust out there who can help, there will also be people who are a great support network for you. You are not on your own, there are plenty of folk like Laura and I who are rooting for success and happiness for you.