Dave Hopkins and his Yorkshire Warrior Team

On the 30th April David Hopkins and 9 of his closest friends and family took part in a gruelling 10 mile Yorkshire Warrior Challenge to raise funds and awareness for us, we are enormously grateful to them.

Here is David and Ruth’s heart wrenching story:

“In August 2015, my wife Ruth and I were getting excited about expecting our first baby. Unfortunately, at 9 weeks Ruth lost the baby in what we initially believed was a miscarriage. 10 days later from when we first realised we were losing the baby Ruth collapsed in hospital. Her blood pressure had dropped to 70/40 and she was bleeding internally. Ruth was rushed into emergency surgery where the consultants found that her right fallopian tube had ruptured as a result of an ectopic pregnancy. She had her right tube removed and had to have a blood transfusion as she had lost 3 pints of blood. Ruth then spent 24 hours in intensive care. Her tube had ruptured 10 days previously and through 5 hospital trips in those 10 days this was left completely undetected and put down to a ‘pregnancy in an unknown location’. If it wasn’t for some fast-acting doctors and consultants then who knows where would have been today. It was hard enough losing a baby but to then see my wife in a life-threatening situation, have her right fallopian tube removed and spend 24 hours in intensive care made it truly traumatic. We are both coping ok now, the past 7 months have been horrendous but we are looking to the future.”

After the day Ruth wrote us a lovely email saying how she was literally bursting with pride with how amazing Dave and the team did. She said it took them just over 3 hours to complete in gruelling conditions that included a hailstorm! They have raised over £1500 which is just amazing and they have been overwhelmed by everyone’s support. Ruth feels truly humbled and is glad to have done something good out of their horrible experience.

They are still fundraising at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Ruth-Hopkins2

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