Isobel Runs the Virtual Manchester Half Marathon

We are so proud and grateful to Isobel for persevering when the Manchester 1/2 Marathon was cancelled, running this was giving her the focus to keep going mentally and physically from a very recent ectopic pregnancy. Please read her powerful and heartfelt story where she shows real strength and determination. In addition she is doing a great job raising awareness and showing compassion to others ladies going through similar experiences.

Isobel’s Story:

After my ectopic pregnancy in March I promised myself to get healthier and, with the lockdown then being announced running seemed like the only thing that would help my mental and physical state. I had signed up to the half marathon before I found out I was pregnant and was going to give my space to someone else that I knew. However after I was treated for the ectopic, I was determined to do the half marathon for Ectopic Pregnancy Trust who had helped me in coming to terms with my ectopic. 

I got stronger and healthier as weeks went by-both mentally and physically but unfortunately, there was another set back and the half marathon was cancelled due to the pandemic. Great run Manchester gave us the option to get a refund or run the race and send in proof of this, so that’s what I decided to do. 

Running without a crowd or other runners was definitely the most difficult part of the run, usually this motivates you to keep going. My friends and family stood at different parts of my run and supported me by bringing a drink and food for when I’d finished the 21.1KM which was definitely a huge help.

The past 7 months had been a battle and the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust had helped me so much with coming to terms with the loss of my baby and also how to cope during lockdown after being diagnosed with PTSD from it. When I’d completed the Half Marathon I felt like a weight had been lifted and like I was finally letting go with a lot of the hurt and guilt that I’d built up inside.

My target was £100 and in the end I managed to raise £399 which I was completely blown away by. I had never imagined to go above and beyond the target but once I’d told my story through my just giving page and shared it via my social media, friends and family were so supportive and the donations started rolling in. 

I’ve been contacted by different women who have experienced the same as me and shared stories and advice. The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust has helped me in ways I didn’t even think was possible and I’m glad that I was able to give back to them by raising money and also raising awareness. ‘

Isobel runs the streets of Manchester
Well deserved medal

We are extremely thankful to Isobel and if she has inspired you to set yourself a challenge to raise funds and awareness please do get in touch with our fundraising coordinator