Kelly Runs a Mile a Day During August

We are so proud and grateful to Kelly for running 31 miles during August after such recent sadness from an ectopic pregnancy. Her story is interesting as to the affect running had to her recovery. We would also like to congratulate Jack and Kelly on their recent marriage.

Kelly has also written a heartfelt and very honest blog that is a definitely worth reading

Kelly’s Story:

Kelly -Mile a Day
Raising Awareness

Not only did I get married in lockdown but I also decided to give myself a running challenge to fundraise for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust at the same time! all whilst there was a heat wave which meant I lost a week of running time as well.

After suffering my ectopic pregnancy back in March, I went looking for further information on it as its something you never think will happen when you fall pregnant and I had so many questions and thats when I found the EPT. Their website was full of useful information on recovery, how your fertility is affected and lots of inspiring stories from others who have been through the same thing. 

Also as part of my recovery I decided to get running and completed the Couch to 5K running app. Due to lockdown exercise options were limited and I found the endorphins from running really helped my mental health. Jack says I am always much happier on days that I run compared to days when I dont. Thats when one day out running I decided to turn it into something positive and set myself a running challenge. I decided to run the equivalent of a mile a day (31 miles) for the month of August. 

I really enjoyed doing the challenge and it gave me a purpose to go out and run to raise awareness and funds. I enjoyed using social media to record my journey and even did some fun Tik Toks whilst I was out to get people paying attention and I raised over £500 before the month was up. I did my final run the day before we flew out to see my parents in Portugal. It was pouring with rain and ended up being my hardest run of the month but the feeling I got completing it was amazing. 

I hope no one ever has to go through the trauma of an ectopic pregnancy but I hope that by doing this and spreading awareness if anyone does that they will know of the EPT and the amazing work they do and the support they offer. 

We are extremely thankful to Kelly and if she has inspired you to set yourself a challenge to raise funds and awareness please do get in touch with our fundraising coordinator