Kirsty Stewart hosts a fantastic charity night

Kirsty has worked tirelessly to put on a very busy and successful charity night and disco. Kirsty was driven to raise awareness and funds to support the charity in memory of their baby. We are incredibly grateful for all that Kirsty has done.

Kirsty’s Story:

In early August last year, I found out I was pregnant. It was a bit of a shock but we were kind of expecting it, as during a night out with my partner the previous week, he had pointed out that I hadn’t had a period in about seven weeks. I hadn’t even noticed. I scheduled an appointment with the midwife and went through all the usual questions/tests etc.

A few weeks later, we flew out to Corfu for our summer holiday but a few days in, I started bleeding. I was unsure of what to do all day and, by the evening, we decided to go down to the local surgery. They called an ambulance and drove me, my partner and my daughter to the main hospital an hour away.

I had never been in hospital abroad before so I think that was doubly scary. After blood tests, I went for an ultrasound scan and the doctor could see no baby or even a sac. I had an internal scan and the doctors still could not find anything. Bewildered, I walked back to the room and was told that the doctors wanted me to stay in for two days. I had no idea why. I thought if there was no baby then I had already lost it so we should just go back to the hotel, which we did, against the advice of the doctor. The rest of the week was a bit of a blur but I had all my friends there as support.

However, when I returned home something didn’t feel right so I did another pregnancy test and the line appeared straight away. After a lengthy phone call to the midwife and EPU, I got an appointment the next day (which was now early September) for more tests and and scans, followed by blood tests over a few days to see if my hCG levels were rising. Sure enough they were, but not at the rate of a healthy pregnancy. After speaking with a consultant we decided to see how things went and return for a scan.

I didn’t make the scan. I was at home after work a few days before it was meant to take place and my daughter was out and my partner was away. I felt an almighty wave of pain, couldn’t stand up straight or even sit down properly. An ambulance was called and took me straight to A&E. Being alone was very scary and by 11pm after more blood was taken, I was finally told it was an ectopic pregnancy which needed to be removed quickly. I was back in at 8am the next day and cannot put into words the grief I felt. The waiting until my scheduled operation time at 3pm felt never-ending. I awoke two hours later and it was all over.

I cannot thank my partner enough for the support he has shown me; I would not have made it through it if it weren’t for him. To help as a distraction, I decided to raise money for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. After five months of planning and phone calls and emailing, we eventually raised nearly £770. It was a bittersweet but fabulous night and made us feel like losing our baby was not all in vain.