Lois takes on the Captain Tom 100 Challenge by doing 100 Consecutive Hula Hoops

Our very our Lois, who supports our EPT1000 challengers, has taken on the Captain Tom 100 by bravely (and stylishly!) doing 100 hula hoops. Lois has previously taken on the EPT1000 and now she is supporting one of her friends who has sadly recently suffered her 2nd ectopic pregnancy as a way of being there for her friend and raising awareness. In sharing all her brilliant preparation shots, videos and excitement around the challenge she caught the eye of the Captain Tom organisers who loved what she was doing and enabled Lois to talk directly to the press. We are so proud and grateful to Lois, please read her interview with the reporter below.

Why did you choose your specific 100 challenge?
It was very much on a whim! I knew about the Captain Tom 100 Challenge but initially I’d not thought of anything I could do for it. Then on the same day a friend of mine suffered her 2nd ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the loss of her remaining tube, another friend gifted me her hula hoop out the blue and it just seemed like it was meant to be! I’d not used a hula hoop since childhood so it definitely felt like it would be a challenge to get to 100, but hopefully achievable as I only had 2 weeks to go at that point.

Why did you choose to support the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust?

I’ve been supporting the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust for a while now. After my own ectopic pregnancy back in 2011, it was a massive lifeline for me. At the time, I was a midwife and my husband was an obstetric and gynaecology doctor, so whilst we had the physical side of it covered, I realised just how desperately lacking any emotional support is. The charity helped me to realise I wasn’t alone and got me through some of the darkest months in my life. It was then in 2019 I took on their “EPT1000” challenge, covering 1000km in the year whilst raising awareness and fundraising.

What would you like to accomplish through completing your challenge?
I’m always trying to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancy. Women still die each year in the UK so early recognition really does save lives. I also feel quite privileged to be in a position where I’m able to openly discuss my own pregnancy loss now, and it’s been a real honour when other women have opened up to me about their own experiences they’d previously not felt able to talk about. Plus of course fundraising for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. It’s a very small charity but with a big impact on women at their most vulnerable time. The charity not only seeks to offer support to women, but also to their families and medical professionals, on top of constantly striving to improve research and patient care. On top of all of that, I hope that the hilarious photos and videos of my many failed attempts helps to put a smile on my friend’s face as she is grieving her own ectopic loss, as well as her loss of fertility as a result

Lois showcased her new skill of hula hooping by doing the challenge on Facebook Live smashing 100 making it look easy while being cheered on by James and their children Molly and Benjamin.

If you would like to support Lois please do take a look at her fundraising page and also do take a look at the news coverage on the day that Lois appeared in alongside other people taking on challenges.

If you feel inspired by the Lois fundraising experience, please do take a look at ways to get involved or email our Fundraising Co-ordinator who will be very happy to help jill@ectopic.org.uk