Members of the press open invitation to use The EPT as a resource.

Education is part of The EPT mission. We are an organisation who offers information, education and support to those whose lives have been touched by early pregnancy complication and to the professionals who care for them and within that we commit to:-

– Raise awareness of the condition within the community of sexually active women and the medical profession

– Promote Best Practice

– Provide information about the treatment and condition

– Provide understanding and support for women during this process.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, therefore, delivers its services through the provision of information, education and support. That includes supporting the media to report accurately and authoritatively on the condition.

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Do you need to find out more about ectopic pregnancies? Would you like to learn about the work of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust? Then our Press Pack will give you the facts and save you time.

Please be aware of our polite request when researching for information. The use of The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust message forums for gathering information for non Ectopic Pregnancy Trust surveys or research studies is not allowed without prior permission of the Trust. For further information, please email

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Please contact us rather than use our Message Board

Our website has a message board where women can talk about their ectopic pregnancies with one another. We understand that journalists and professionals often wish to talk to women about their experiences but we ask that requests of this nature not be posted on the board as it can upset some of our visitors. Instead, please phone the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust on 020 7733 2653 or email us and we will put you in touch with women who have already expressed a willingness to talk about their experiences to the media.