Samantha’s 80k in One Month

We are incredibly grateful to Samantha who is tackling running 80k during January 2021. This really is a hard challenge for Samantha as she only started running last summer and currently averages 7km a week. In January she will have to run 20k each week!

Samantha has so bravely and honestly shared her story, we know how hard this is to do as it forces people to relive their ordeal and we know how nervous Samantha was about doing exactly this by sharing her pain and story. Having very sadly experienced two traumatic ectopic pregnancies and them being the “scariest thing she’d ever been through”, Samantha decided that she wanted to raise awareness and highlight the symptoms and emotions surrounding an ectopic pregnancy. She is one of the 1 in 80 so this led her to setting herself the challenge to run 80 in 1.

Samantha says that she is blown away by the support she’s received! and that this support has really spurred her on. She is certainly smashing her 80k target and has exceeded her fundraising target.

Samantha happy after her first run
Running shoes getting a battering!

Please do read Samantha’s story via her VMG page

If you feel inspired by Samantha‚Äôs fundraising challenge please do take a look at ways to get involved or email our fundraising co-ordinator who will be very happy to help you