Tragic loss of Sabrina Stevenson highlights continued need to raise awareness of Ectopics

We are devastated by the sad story of Sabrina and continue to admire and support Dawn and Gary’s determination as parents to ensure that policies and procedures are amended to ensure that a tragedy like this cannot happen again. We are as resolute as they are that the sad death of Sabrina should not be in vain. Ectopic pregnancy is still the leading cause of death in the first trimester of pregnancy and the EPT remain determined that no woman should ever die from the condition. We will continue to do all we can to educate medical professionals and the wider public about the importance of recognising symptoms and early diagnosis to eradicate such unnecessary loss of life.

Follow the link to read the article in the Daily Mail

Dawn and Gary are hosting The Sabrina Cup Charity Golf Day on Saturday 27th  in Raleigh, Essex. We wish them a successful day.