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“I have found this site really helpful and it has been a blessing to speak to people who really understand what you are going through and feeling. As much as family and friends try and help, I think the feelings we have can only be understood if you have been through this. I found it helped because you realise that any of the feelings you have are normal and lots of people have had the same, you are not alone, we are all here when you need us.”

At the EPT we have been through the same physical and emotional trauma as you so we understand and sympathise with how you may be feeling right now. It is also why we believe so strongly in ‘TALK THERAPY’ and believe that the forums and helpline can really help people to heal. We support anyone affected by an ectopic pregnancy – as well as women themselves, this also includes their partners and extended family members and friends.

While we are unable to provide medical advice, we offer peer support from women and people who have been through a similar experience. We find that many people feel so alone in their experiences and that, eventually, people around them are expecting them to move on and talk about what happened less when they still may need to continue to talk about things or gather more information. For this reason we have the following services that could help:

Discussion Forums

The discussion forums give you private space to read other people’s posts and know that you aren’t ‘weird’ because the same that has happened to you has also happened to other people and the feelings you are experiencing are totally normal. Knowing the feelings are normal and that you aren’t alone can relieve all kinds of additional pressure or guilt and can help to make things feel a little easier to cope with.

Also, posting and offering mutual support to others can really help both you and the person you are chatting with to heal because when you share stories it helps you to get things off our own chest at the same time and provides a positive feeling from helping someone else to feel better. When two people talk who can say ‘yes I felt that too’ it can be a huge relief to both of them.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a journey and if we can all help each other along the way it makes the journey that little bit more tolerable and helps us to find peace with what has happened to us much more quickly.

Our support services are available to women who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy as well as partners and wider family members and friends.

Read our forum guidelines

Telephone helpline

I can recommend calling the EPT helpline if you need someone to talk to who really understands what you’ve been through. I’ve had some good support from family and friends but nothing beats coming on here or the time I rang the help line. They just get it like other people can’t. It’s so nice to find a place where people do understand how it feels.

Our telephone helpline is available on 020 7733 2653 if you feel you need to talk one-to-one to a sympathetic and understanding ear about your experience or to ask any questions. We provide a flexible call-back service to arrange a call at a convenient time and, if you are located in the UK, you can request this by leaving your details on the helpline number above, by emailing or by completing the call-back form below.

As well as speaking to women, we can arrange calls with partners individually or jointly as couples. We treat all calls with confidence and never share information between partners. You can request to speak to different members of the helpline team too.

Call 020 7733 2653 for helpline support

Arrange a call-back

A reduced service may operate during busy holiday periods. A 24 hour answering service is available for you to leave a message but you may find it easier to email us and one of our email team will be able to arrange a phone call or answer your questions.

Please note, we are not an emergency service. If you have a medical concern or feel you need to speak with someone urgently you should contact your doctor or other health care provider in the first instance. You can call the NHS Direct 111 service by dialling 111, contact your out of hours GP service or your normal surgery, or visit your local Accident and Emergency department (A&E).

Find your nearest Accident and Emergency department

The Samaritans also offer a 24 hour service in the UK if you feel you are distressed and need to speak with someone when we are not able to take your call in person.

E-Mail Support

“Thank you so much for replying to me! I just burst into tears reading your kind thoughts and wishes… It’s such a confusing, emotional thing to go through I also feel like people around me don’t really understand how I feel so it’s a nice feeling to know that you ladies understand this horrible part of our lives that we have no choice over.”

We try to answer any questions that you may have within the information pages on the website but, if there is a question you have that you cannot see the answer to, you are welcome to email us at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Live chat and virtual face-to-face support

Illustration by Gemma Louise Marsh

Ectopic pregnancy can be a lonely ordeal. At the EPT, many of us have been through the same physical and emotional trauma and understand the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing. We know how there is often a need to keep talking about what has happened and seek more information – when others around us expect us to “move on”.

Our virtual face-to-face support is a safe, supportive environment where women can ask questions and express themselves. You can take part using video-calling from the comfort of your own home using your Skype account or Zoom link. We offer individual and group sessions. So that the group is small enough for everyone to be heard, spaces are limited to five participants (plus two hosts) per session.

Accessing online chat is simple and convenient and is delivered through Skype in real-time using written (typed) conversation.

If you would like to request an individual session or participate in a group session, please email us at

We also provide one-to-one support

Call 020 7733 2653 for helpline support

Arrange a call-back

Treatment leaflets

Download our free leaflets for patients. Produced in consultation with doctors, nurses and patients and continually revised and peer reviewed, each leaflet contains information about the treatment method and what to expect during the recovery process.

If you would like to receive these three leaflets by post and are based in the UK, please email and tell us your name and address. Also, if you have been treated at a hospital, please let us know which one – we’d like to know for our statistics.