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Ruptured ectopic pregnancy and hemoperitoneum

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Ruptured ectopic pregnancy and hemoperitoneum

Post by narisa »

Hi everyone, about 2 years ago, I experienced delayed diagnosis of ruptured ectopic pregnancy and hemoperitoneum on the right side. After rupture, I was bleeding for atleast 9 hours , then emergency surgery was done. I had 3 port laparoscopy surgery done. During surgery, they took out 1 litre of blood and completely removed my right fallopian tube. This was painful and traumatic experience for me.

Since then to present, I've been experiencing chronic pelvic and lower abdominal pain at the rupture site and its near surroundings, on the right side. A lumpy area has formed. on the site of right fallopian tube rupture. The pain occurs any time and it can get severe. 2 panadols and bed rest helps to reduce pain, however there were days when I even took 8 panadols in a day due to severe pain.
My current and previous treating doctors, who are both GP obstetricians, says the pain is due to adhesions, which were caused due to the rupture of the rights fallopian tube.

However, I have seen 2 private gynecologists ,who did not take the chronic pelvic pain seriously and said, it should just settle. I have done multiple pelvic scans and transvaginal scans, which did not detect any infection, however the pain continues to occur. Now, I'm on the waitlist to see a Gynecologist at a public hospital in Melbourne, which is one of the best in Australia.
Since 2018 to present I have been doing physiotherapy which did not help to stop the pain.

Got some questions, plz share your thoughts if possible and plz advice how you cope, if you have similar injuries.

1. Besides gynecologist, should I see any other specialist? Since the incident, I've been experiencing full bladder pain as well. However, after doing a ultrasound of the bladder, again, no infection was detected.

2.Will my chronic pelvic pain, ever stop?

3. My previous GP was saying, on top of adhesions, there could be nerve entrapment as well, but we never took took any steps to diagnose that. Is there a possibility of nerve entrapment due to rupture and the trauma to the body? My present physiotherapist also thinks the nerves are impacted due to the rupture and trauma. Should I "also" see a neurologist for the chronic pelvic pain?

5. The lumpy area that has formed at the site of rupture, what happens to it? is this lumpy area permanent? Is there any treatment to completely get rid of this lumpy area, as it looks ugly and during chronic pelvic pain , that area aches as well.

If anyone experienced such injuries due to the trauma of ruptured ectopic pregnancy, plz share your thoughts and if possible, please reply to my questions. Thanks in advance.

Have a good day

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Re: Ruptured ectopic pregnancy and hemoperitoneum

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Hi Narisa,

I am so sorry to hear of all you have suffered from your ectopic pregnancy and loss. I know how it leaves us with many questions that linger into the months and years after we have gone through it. Unfortunately, I'm not medically qualified to answer on your specific situation, and I know how frustrating it can be to try to find answers which appear vague and nonspecific.

The effects, physical and emotional, can last well beyond the point of our surgeries. There can be scar tissue from where the surgery took place that we can feel or causes pain well after the operation. I'm based in the UK and do not know the Australian medical system, but offer that if this is causing you concern, it is worth having it looked after for your own well-being.

I'm sorry I can not be more helpful and specific, but want you to know that we are here for you as you go through this process.

With good wishes,


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