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My story

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My story

Post by Sunset39 »

Hello, I'm new to this board and thought I would share my personal experience, in case someone is going through something similar:

On May 14th, I was sadly diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy (suspected on right tube)- I was 6.5 weeks pregnant and HCG was already at 4430. they gave me my 1st methotrexate injection at the ER. I should mention that I had no pain whatsoever and just light spotting, which I initially thought might have been implantation bleeding (though didn't have that in my previous pregnancy), but went in because it went on for a few days.

Follow-up HCG blood tests went up to 8590 after 4 days, then down to 7510 three days later. Given the number was still high I had to return to ER for 2nd injection. 4 days later HCG went down to 6110, then down to 3580 three days later.

6 days later (the day before my next scheduled blood test), I had heavy bleeding (large blood clots) - which none of the doctors prepared me for! I had a phone call visit with a doctor (no in person visits due to COVID) and he said it sounded like the medication was working and the body was expelling the pregnancy. Sure enough, the next day HCG went down to 1100, all sounded reassuring.

On the weekend I woke up with a sharp pain under my armpit, didn't think much of it and it didn't bother me much again until Monday afternoon. (I was googling the typical rupture pain to look out for... it didn't sound like the typical "shoulder tip pain").

So on Monday (June 8th) the pain hit me again from the armpit to my arm -- right side, which was the side of the ectopic. So I went to the ER that day and the doctor decided to do blood work and ultrasound, "just in case", as the pain below the armpit could potentially be nerve pain. Lucky that he decided to do the ultrasound, since they found internal bleeding and the ectopic pregnancy has increased in size to 6 cm (I was 10 weeks by now), and the tube was likely on the verge of rupturing. They decided that emergency surgery was required that same night to remove the tube and pregnancy via laparoscopic surgery.

In the end the gynecologist doctor said the armpit pain I reported is abnormal (not the usual symptom they look out for) - I had no other pain- but it was fortunate that I came in and that the ER doctor decided to do the ultrasound 'just in case'.

So now, almost a month since the diagnosis, the matter is finally resolved - no more waiting for blood tests, no more worst-case scenarios "what ifs" going through my mind... I felt SO alone navigating through this, and this process having been this long did not make mourning the loss of the pregnancy any easier. I feel very fortunate to have my first born (delivered via C-section 14 months ago) to make this process a bit easier but of course, I'm still in shock and disappointed about everything that just happened. I'm turning 39 this month and I'm hoping the left tube is functional and that we don't have to go through this nightmare again when we TTC again. but for now, I'm just happy this chapter is finally closed.

Bottom line - my advise is to listen to your body, if something doesn't feel right (even if it's not 'textbook' symptoms), bite the bullet and wait as long as you have to at ER, if you can't see your doctor soon enough.

All the best, be well!

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Re: My story

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Hi Sunset39,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm am so very glad that you listened to your body and received medical care (and that they listened to you.) You are right that even though there are general symptoms that are looked for, it's equally important to listen to your body for sensations that do not seem right. It was only during my 2nd ectopic, with a uterine rupture, that I felt the shoulder tip pain. I remember thinking, oh, that's what they were talking about.

I wish you continued recovery and please know we are here for you whenever you need.

With good wishes,


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