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Methotrexate and going back to work

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Methotrexate and going back to work

Post by Avi86 »

Hi guys,

Was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy on Monday and was given a choice between the surgery and the injection. I am ready not a surgery person so went for the injection. Had my injection today and going through a lot of emotions now. We were trying for a baby since November 2019 and had a miscarriage in January 2020 so was really optimistic this time but this ectopic pregnancy has really shaken me. I feel really worried and scared about the injection working. I hope it works the first time but then I also feel bad about losing my baby and scared of conceiving in the future. I am a teacher and not sure if I am in the right frame of mind to teach yet. How long do you suggest I should be off work to recover?

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Re: Methotrexate and going back to work

Post by Sanwars2206 »

Hi Avi86

So sorry you’ve just been through this.
In my experience everyone is different & needs different time.
I’ve had methotrexate twice & both times I’ve felt exhausted & really tired. The 1st time I had it on a Friday so had the weekend off & went back to work to get over it.
2nd time was followed by surgery so needed more time off & I needed it aswell. Like you we have been trying for years so wasn’t ok in myself & 6 weeks on & im still not ok, not from the methotrexate but from the emotional side of it. This time it’s taking longer to move forward & accept so I’m just going with it.
Sorry I don’t have a definite answer, I guess what I’m trying to say is we are all different, if you need time take it & if u dont, don’t beat urself up & run with it x

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Re: Methotrexate and going back to work

Post by EPT Host 22 »

Hi Avi86,

I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from an ectopic loss and pregnancy. It is so important that you prioritize yourself first right now and take it easy. The methotrexate shot will have its own symptoms and you may not be feeling well over the next little while. I encourage you to review the Trust's website on methotrexate:

Most importantly, you can request notes from your GP to remain off of work as you recover. While you are on methotrexate, you should not do any heavy lifting or housework until the hCG levels are dropping consistently and should only undertake gentle exercise, such as walking, until the hCG is at the non-pregnant level. It's important that you continue to be monitored with blood tests and that you pay attention to any increasing bleeding or pain for signs of rupture.

Every woman will have a different experience, but I'd encourage you to try to rest during this time period, as both your body and emotions will be experiencing this trauma. Please know, that we are here for you throughout.

With good wishes,


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