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Hcg levels after methotrexate

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Hcg levels after methotrexate

Post by Zoe_b15 »

Hi, my first post here. I had one dose of Methotrexate 2 weeks ago, my hcg levels were dropping nicely until today, they’re the same as last week. The doctor said this is unusual as they normally drop or go up but not stay the same. Have to go back in 2 days for another blood test, if they’re the same again i would need either another dose of methotrexate or the surgery, right now just think I should have the surgery to get it over with, this has been going on for almost 5 weeks I’m so drained, Anyone been in similar position? Also, since the first dose 2 weeks ago my tummy has been really bloated and uncomfortable Xx

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Re: Hcg levels after methotrexate

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Dear Zoe_b15,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
Unfortunately I am not medically trained so cannot give you specific advice on your queries.
We have certainly heard from some ladies who's hCG levels seem to plateau for a while before reducing again, especially with lower numbers.
Your team are correctly keeping an eye on this to ensure they don't start rising. I've not heard of ladies having a third methotrexate injection and your hospital will have its own local policy regarding further investigations and treatment if levels are not reducing as expected.
As a gentle reminder with methotrexate, you should stop taking any vitamins, minerals or other medicines unless you have been told by the doctors treating you to continue with them, as some medicines interfere with the effects of methotrexate. It is particularly important that you do not take any folic acid supplements until your doctors are sure that the drug has worked.

Methotrexate can certainly cause abdominal cramping and indigestion type symptoms, if your bloating is worsening or a cause of concern, please speak to your medical team.
I have put more information about methotrexate from our website here

Please also be kind to yourself and do not do any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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