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This is a welcoming place for you to ask your questions and share your knowledge and experiences of ectopic pregnancy.
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New to the forum

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I am new here, and thought it may be helpful to post my story thus far. After trying for 5 months, I got a positive pregnancy test in late May and was thrilled. My period was expected a few days later and I did have a bit of spotting, which my doctor said may be due to implantation so I was sent for blood work.

First hcg came back at 12, so I was told I may have had a missed miscarriage. A week later my hcg went up to 279, and then 1200 a week after that.

Had an ultrasound at 5 weeks which showed nothing. No pregnancy in uterus or otherwise. Doctor was very confused by this.

On June 15th hcg went up to 2100 and I had another ultrasound which showed a "suspected" ectopic pregnancy. I opted for methotrexate over surgery. Hcg was low and I was measured at 1.33 cm.

My 4 day follow up hcg went up to 2613 and day 7 saw a decrease to 2043. Duribg this time I had no pain or bleeding besides the 3 days of spotting.

I am now a week and a half post methotrexate and have just started cramping with bleeding (including some clotting). Feeling hopeful about results, but still have serious moments of fear and sadness.

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Re: New to the forum

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Dear BeeZee,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss. You are not alone in experiencing fear and sadness. When we experience ectopic pregnancy we are suddenly faced with a life threatening emergency and it's treatment, reduction in fertility, concerns about the future and the loss of our babies. Experiencing any one of these is an ordeal, putting them together is immense and your feelings are completely normal.

I am afraid it is difficult to predict how long it will take for your hormone levels reach non-pregnant levels. As we are all individual, our bodies respond differently to the drug and it depends on factors like how high levels reached and our unique physiology. What I can say is that it can take a number of weeks and, while it can take some time, it is not as invasive a procedure as surgery. It is also encouraging that your levels are falling now, although I appreciate that it can be a drawn out process. Also, in terms of chances of future successful pregnancies, studies do not show a significant difference between treatment routes, whether surgical, medical using methotrexate or expectant management (allowing time for the body to resolve the pregnancy itself).

Be kind to yourself, do not do any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting whilst you levels are reducing.
We will be here for you for as long as you need,
Sending much love and warm hugs,
Karen x

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