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Help and advice on a possible second ectopic

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Help and advice on a possible second ectopic

Post by Aali0593 »

Thanks in advance for any advice and support given,

December 2018 I had my first pregnancy and my first ectopic pregnancy with the left fallopian tube removed.
Everything had happened too fast and I had never heard of Ectopic pregnancy.

Fast forward to 27th August 2020 I find I am pregnant again, but called the hospital straight away as they had previously told me I would need to come in for a 6 week scan as soon as i next find out just so they can monitor me.
We'v done ultra sounds and tests but they couldnt find the pregnancy. First blood tests show hcg levels of 104, 48 hours later this has dropped to 84. So yesterday, a week later hcg levels have risen to 117.
I really want to save my second tube and iv been given 2 options, either to wait another week for blood tests and see what hcg levels are telling us, and also because im not in pain and no bleeding. Alternaively, I can speed up the process and go for the methotrexate although this has side effects of still rupturing the right tube i have left.

Its left me totally confused, should I wait around a week but I wouldnt like the tube to rupture in the meanwhile although I have been advised to go straight to hospital if i experience any pain.

Has any one had similar experiences

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Re: Help and advice on a possible second ectopic

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Hi Aali0593,

I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this worrying time. It's good that you are receiving the care and advice of medical professionals during this early pregnancy. I'm not medically qualified, so I am unable to comment on your particular situation. However, it does seem quite early in your pregnancy and often time scans are unable to see the pregnancy so early. With that said, it is good you are continuing with blood tests and scans.

I've been through two ectopic pregnancies myself and I know how much anxiety can accompany an early pregnancy. It's impossible to control the outcomes. As much as possible, try to take one day at a time and see how your pregnancy is progressing. Early pregnancy is particularly stressful, and that's why it's so important to create some space to look after yourself.

As you've mentioned, it's important to be aware of any pain or changes in sensations. I would encourage you to keep working with the medical providers and keep asking all and any questions about the best pathway for your care.

With good wishes,


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