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Advice please

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Advice please

Post by Elle_1988 »

Hi all,

Story is, about 3 weeks ago, after feeling funny for a week, my husband encouraged me to do a pregnancy test and to our absolute shock it was positive. I have an 8 month old son and was on the mini pill. Because I am still breastfeeding, I haven't had a period and have no way to date this pregnancy.

We soon adjusted to the idea of having a second but because my initial tests produced faint lines (unlike my last pregnancy) I kept testing and results were fainter and fainter until I started to get some negatives too.

Expecting a very early miscarriage I went away on holidays for two weeks but didn't have any spotting or bleeding but continued to have pregnancy symptoms.

Fast forward to now, I got bloods taken yesterday and my excellent doctor got me in to do an ultrasound. They found nothing in my uterus and given the fact that it has been 3 weeks since my first positive, a missed miscarriage and blighted ovum can probably be ruled out.

What can't be ruled out is an ectopic and I cannot deny that all the symptoms fit what I am reading on here. Weird tests, lower back pain, twinges, diarrhoea etc.

While I am still hoping for a more straight forward miscarriage (that feels weird to articulate), my major worry seems to be this - if I need to seek treatment will I still be able to feed my son? I don't know why this thought upsets me so much.

I see the doctor on Monday so have a long weekend ahead of me.

Any insights much appreciated x

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Re: Advice please

Post by EPT Host 22 »

Hi Elle_1988,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this worrying time. It is so difficult to try and understand everything that occurs during our early pregnancies. This can create much anxiety for us.

While I'm not medically qualified to comment on your particular situation, it's good that you are receiving medical care and attention. As you mention, your pregnancy may be quite early and it's difficult to know all of the details. This can cause us quite a bit of anxiety.

As much as possible, try to take one day at a time. It might help you to list the symptoms you are having and note the strength of any sensations. This would be useful information to share with your doctor, or even just to compare day to day. However, it's also very valuable to try and rest (difficult with an 8 month old, I know).

Certainly, if you're symptoms increase, especially strong pains, it's important to ring NHS 111 or to be seen at the A&E. I realise that hospitals are operating differently due to COVID19, but I know that asking the nurses for a pumping machine is an available option should you be admitted. Of course, you'll want to consult with your doctors regarding any medications. But this is all putting the cart before the horse, please do you best to rest this weekend.

With good wishes,


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