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Bloating/Constipation post salpingectomy (keyhole)

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Bloating/Constipation post salpingectomy (keyhole)

Post by Krob »

Hi everyone

I had an operation 3 weeks ago to remove one of my fallopian tubes and an ectopic pregnancy. I had no idea I was pregnant (although now it definitely explains some random bursting into tears over the past few months) and it all happened very quickly from diagnosis to operation. The only symptoms I had really had were some cramping which I assumed was normal period cramps, and I had been bleeding for 8 weeks. I went to the GP after 4 weeks who said the continued bleeding could be down to stress, and then decided I had better go back when it was still going 4 weeks later - very glad I did as I they ended up doing the operation the same day. It's been a lot to process but seeing this site and others going through similar things has been really reassuring and helpful.

My question is what people's experiences have been with bloating/constipation. I was very very bloated post op which is the gas, but I am still very bloated/constipated now (and have been very diligent at eating healthily, drinking lots of water/peppermint tea etc) and have now resorted to some fiber supplements and stool softeners. How long did other people experience this for? Honestly, I feel so gross as my belly looks so bloated and is uncomfortable, and I can't do any exercise yet (plus through a series of unfortunate events, I also have a broken ankle atm so any form of exercise is tricky for the time being and I am normally very active).

Thanks in advance


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Re: Bloating/Constipation post salpingectomy (keyhole)

Post by Katrina24 »

Hi Kate

I'm sorry for everything you have been through.
I went through similar (it will be 4 months on Wednesday).

From what I remember, I only really had constipation for a about a week or so. I put on about 7lbs because I was just laid up in bed and probably emotionally eating too.
I was still bloated after a couple of months and even now I still get more bloated/swollen than usual. Like my period bloat seems to last longer and I get bloated after sex sometimes (can last a day or two), whereas I wouldnt before. I get some uncomfort still, but it's only probably once a fortnight and it lasts for a couple of hours and that's it. It is gradually happening less and less.

Sending love x

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Re: Bloating/Constipation post salpingectomy (keyhole)

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Dear Kate,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
Unfortunately I am not medically trained so cannot give you specific advice on your symptoms.
Constipation and bloating can be common after surgery as the bowel slows down during general anaesthetic. Pain relief medication can also cause constipation, especially medications containing codeine.
Here is some more information on constipation.
I would advise speaking to your pharmacist about medications you can try over the counter. However, if you have not had your bowels open for some time, are experiencing abdominal pain or you have stopped passing wind, I would advise speaking to your GP.

Keep well hydrated and keep moving as your pain allows too.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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