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Suspicion of ectopic pregnancy after having abortion pills

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Suspicion of ectopic pregnancy after having abortion pills

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I did not know that the risk of ectopic pregnancy is quite high in pregnancy until I had taken the abortion pill, started having one side pelvis pain which still comes and goes. At which point I started looking into it.

I had no scan nor blood test before the abortion, I have now learned my lesson, I should have. Now after the abortion I have been refused to be given them from BPAS and my GP even after I repeatedly expressing my concern about the ectopic pregnancy. (One GP did a physical pelvic exam and said the fallopian tube is not swollen so not to worry at the moment. BPAS says only 1 in 7000 ectopic pregnancy goes undiagnosed.)

Suspicion of having endometriosis is the main reason, part from the one side pelvic pain during/after the abortion and extreme bloating, made me worry about the high possibility of having the ectopic pregnancy. My mum has endometriosis and my grandma had passed away while having the uterus surgery. I read that endometriosis is possibly hereditary and I have some symptoms also including one side pelvis pain during sex, worsening PMS, vitamin D deficiency, lower back pain and vaginal ache during period.

I feel heartache for everyone who experienced the ectopic pregnancy and even more so to the women who had to go under the emergency surgery. If possible, I really would like to catch it before my pain gets more severe with shoulder tip pain and I have to run for A&E as BPAS suggested. This website suggests us to follow our instincts, but I feel like I have hit walls and have no choice, either break the bank to find a private obstetrician or bet on my chances it was all my overly reactive anxiety.

Thank you so much for reading through this and all advice are welcome.

Kind regards,
Olivia and a worrying husband

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Re: Suspicion of ectopic pregnancy after having abortion pills

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Dear Olivia,
I am so sorry to hear the worrying time you are going through.
Unfortunately I am not medically trained so cannot give you specific advice on your queries. It is difficult to advise fully as I am not sure of your timelines, however if it was recently that you had the pill to terminate the pregnancy and you are getting worsening symptoms of tummy pain or unusual bleeding, then I would advise speaking to a medical professional again. Is there a different doctor in your practice that you could speak to, perhaps they could organise a scan or blood tests.

Again, I echo the advice given to you that if your pain worsens or you feel dizzy and unwell to seek urgent medical advice.
I think at the very least you may need to pester them more if your symptoms aren't settling.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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