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Thank you

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Thank you

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We received this message from someone we had previously supported and we share it here to offer hope (please note: mentions subsequent pregnancy/child)

Two Years ago on the month I lost our first child (First pregnancy) to Ectopic pregnancy.

I was devastated when I found out it was an ectopic pregnancy. I didn’t know how to react and not given or known any relevant information. Their estimated to be 10-11 weeks pregnant but It took the doctors a whole week to confirm that it was an ectopic pregnancy. The whole week was unforgettable, sleepless, stressful week. After two failed methotrexate and 4 weeks on I went through a keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) to remove the fertilised egg, along with the affected Fallopian tube.

I just want to Thank your page for being so so supportive and providing me with the information and knowledge to make me understand all. I never wanted to share the journey as I find it hard to talk about it but now I believe it’s time that people are aware and knows the symptoms and signs to look out. Your page is doing a brilliant work and I’m happy to have be part and support.

Two years on this month I am blessed with a baby boy! It was hard trying for a baby after an Ectopic but just like your page says I was able to get pregnant again 17month after.

Want to say a huge huge Thank you to your page and everyone who is doing wonderful things to support each other!

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Re: Thank you

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Thank you for sharing your story and message of hope. I hope you can enjoy these precious moments with your little one. Your strength and support I'm sure is valued by many. Thank you.

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