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Rise on day 7 after Methotrexate

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Rise on day 7 after Methotrexate

Post by Kriluma »

Hi ladies . Sorry you found yourself here. Did any of you know the measurements of the mass in the tubes. I have been given the injection last Tuesday. Had a big drop in day 4, but today that is day 7 it has risen by 3 units. Im worried, I was offered another shot, or to wait and retest on Thursday. I really dont want another injection so chose to wait but I am scared. My levels are like this
343 ( when methotrexate was given)
143 on day 4
147 on day 7

My mass is around 19mm. Im worried if it would rupture . Of course if numbers not dropping on Thursday I will have another injection . I just hope I don't need to. I have been bleeding on and off since before the injection, so not sure that is relevant to numbers going up pr down .

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Re: Rise on day 7 after Methotrexate

Post by Agandz98 »


I know this is an old post but do you mind telling me the outcome?

I am in a similar situation where my levels dropped then rose again after methotrexate.

Day 0 = 96
Day 4 = 39
Day 7 = 43

I am really scared I’ll need another injection or surgery.

Thanks x

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