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Diagnosed with a Borderline Ovarian Tumour post Ectopic Preg

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Diagnosed with a Borderline Ovarian Tumour post Ectopic Preg

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I hope someone can help here on what I understand as an unusual situation.

I had an emergency operation for an ectopic pregnancy last year. To add to the upset of the situation I had an appointment with the consultant after the operation to discuss things and after all tests were done on what he had removed (my right tube and the pregnancy), it was discovered that he had removed a Borderline Ovarian Tumour (BOT) that was right next to the growing foetus. This tumour may have caused my ectopic pregnancy but he was not keen to confirm this. I had to have a CT scan to see if this BOT had spread anywhere else and I was told that I was clear. As I still want to have children, and the risk of recurrence of the BOT is high, it was advised the I should 'hurry along' a pregnancy and consider IVF.

It is a hugely stressful situation and I wanted to see if anyone else has experience of this.


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