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Periods after Ectopic

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Re: Periods after Ectopic

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Hi KristaC3620,

I'm sorry to hear you've suffered this ectopic pregnancy and loss. It can leave us with so many questions, and I will do my best to help. In regards to resuming a period, there can be considerable variation between women. Your periods can take a while to re-establish and they can re-start anything between two and ten weeks after treatment. Most women find that their period arrives sometime around week six or seven after surgery, and at some time in the four weeks after their hCG levels have fallen to 0 if treated with Methotrexate.

It may be the case that your period will take a bit longer to return, and even then, it may not be on the same schedule as before. It might be heavier or lighter and it may be more painful than normal. The period after that is usually more like your normal pattern. However, although there is no medical reason for it, women do very often report some irregularity to their cycle for several months after an ectopic pregnancy.

Broadly speaking, doctors consider menstrual (period) cycles of between 23 to 42 days to be within normal parameters. If the first day of your last period was more than 42 days ago, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the possible reasons for this.

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