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Three weeks post Methotrexate

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Three weeks post Methotrexate

Post by Pavan93 »

I just wanted to see if it’s normal to feel achey, exhausted and have frequent headaches three weeks post Methotrexate. I am still having infrequent light bleeding and just don’t feel myself. I feel exhausted to the point where I feel I have heart palpitations and just haven’t felt like myself for so long now. My HCG had dropped on the 2nd week to 800 and I have my third week post methotrexate blood test in two days time. Just wanted to hear about other people’s experiences.

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Re: Three weeks post Methotrexate

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Hi Pavan93,

I am so sorry to hear you have suffered this ectopic pregnancy and that you are still feeling unwell. As your hcg levels are not yet to nonpregnant levels, you may still be feeling unwell as the pregnancy resolves. While I'm not medically qualified to comment on your specific situation, I encourage you to keep taking it easy and getting rest. I also encourage you to track the symptoms you are experiencing, noting the time and levels of pain, and consult with your doctors about these symptoms.

The process of MTX can take some time, and as each woman is different, there is, unfortunately, no set time frame. We encourage women to prioritize their rest and recovery during these weeks, which means no heavy lifting and possibly taking time off from work. It is very easy to say, but so much harder to do.

You know your body the best, and while the hcg levels are decreasing, it's important to be mindful of your symptoms until you reach non-pregnant levels, under 5mIU/mL, as there is unfortunately still a chance of rupture. The symptoms of a deteriorating ectopic pregnancy, which include worsening or progressively increasing pain; vaginal bleeding; shortness of breath; feeling faint; and pain in the tip of the shoulder among others, may become noticeable. If you suffer any of these symptoms you will need to be reassessed. Your hospital would give you a number to contact for health advice if you feel that anything is changing, or you will have been told to report to the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E). If you have not been told what to do and need to speak to someone ring the hospital department which is treating you or the NHS 111 Service by dialing 111.

From the bottom of my heart, please be kind to yourself through your recovery. We are here for you whenever you need it.

With good wishes,


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