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Low HCG declining very slowly

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Low HCG declining very slowly

Post by sr20 »

Hi everyone!

I would like to thank everyone first of all for having created such a safe space with this forum, it has been a great relief to read stories and experiences of other women who have gone through PULs/ectopic pregnancies.

I found out I had an ectopic pregnancy on August 10th, which is being treated expectantly. Luckily, surgery and methotrexate haven't been on the cards for me because my HCG levels have always been very low (initially 160), but it has also decreased extremely slowly. It has now been nearly 7 weeks, and while the levels have decreased more or less consistently my HCG is now at 33. Has anyone had a similar experience?

I have read about lots of cases where HCG dropped from the 1000s to non-pregnant levels in only a few weeks, so I am getting a bit frustrated that it is taking so long... it seems as if my life is on hold!

I would love to hear about your experiences!

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