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A story of hope

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A story of hope

Post by Scrubsfan103 »

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my story to give other people hope during their journey.

I posted on this board a few years ago when I had my ectopic pregnancies and i found hope reading other people stories of having successful pregnancies after an ectopic pregnancy. I had hoped to one day have a positive story to tell myself.

My story:

- Decided to try to have a baby in 2020 and got pregnant within a few months despite having irregular periods due to PCOS. At 6 weeks, it was discovered it was an ectopic pregancy in my left tube. Got methotrexate.
- Tried again late 2020 to get pregnant for a few months but was unsuccessful so did IUI early 2021. Got pregnant on the 1st attempt. Again, it was discovered to be an ectopic pregnancy this time in the right tube. Again received methotrexate.
- In the summer of 2021, i did my first round of IVF. I got pregnant on the first try but sadly had a miscarriage at 5 weeks.
- While waiting to start my second round of IVF, i got pregnant naturally early 2022. Unfortunately it was yet again another ectopic in my left tube. Again, i received methotrexate.
- In the summer of 2022, I did my second round of IVF. I again had another miscarriage just shy of 6 weeks.
- i then proceeded to have two IVF cycles cancelled back to back late 2022.
- in December 2022, I had my 3rd IVF round. The embryo did not implant and thus it was a failed IVF attempt.
- In February 2023, i decided to transfer two embryos in hopes that at least one would successfully implant. Both embryos implanted! I was very excited but cautious due to my history.
The pregnancy had some complications such as unexplained bleeding, a short cervix which led to a cerclage at 22 weeks and then being put on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I ended up delivering my twin girls 6 weeks early in September 2023 and they spent a little over 2 weeks in NICU. They are now almost 5 months old and doing well. It was a long and hard journey from trying to get pregnant to eventually bringing home my girls from NICU but it was worth it.

I hope someone can find some hope from this story. I wish you all to have successful pregnancies and healthy babies.

Thank you to this board for helping me during my journey.

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Re: A story of hope

Post by ihm1 »

Thanks for sharing. So happy you got your rainbow babies 💕

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Re: A story of hope

Post by EPT Host 22 »

Hi Scrubsfan103,

Congratulations on your little ones. Thank you for sharing your story with us and filling the boards with more hope. As you know, they can give us hope in our darkest hours. We wish you and your family all the very best.

With good wishes,


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Re: A story of hope

Post by Scrubsfan103 »

Thank you.

I am thankful for this board during my hardest times.

I pray for Rainbow babies for everyone.


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Re: A story of hope

Post by Enfys »

Thank you and congratulations. Having been on a long journey since 2020 with many failed IVF rounds losses/ectopic pregnancy, your story certainly gives us hope x

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