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A Monday to remember

Just for men to post our questions and share our opinions about ectopic pregnancies. Please note this board is for men only. If you wish to ask a general question please post on the main board.
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A Monday to remember

Post by MrPrice »

Inspired by one of the users who posted a poem on this forum. I found solace in putting pen to paper to describe my experience through this ectopic journey. This forum is incredible and has helped me sort of come to terms with what’s happened. the feeling is still very raw for me to talk about with my friends.

Our bundle of joy

A bundle of joy that’s what everyone called you,
5 weeks of excitement and happiness,
You lit up our life as we announced your arrival to our loved ones,
Hugs and excitement, baby grow July 23, photos and tears of joy,
As my wife and I hug each other in excitement,
From rays of hope to fear of the worst,
You came into this world but left so quickly,
An experience like no other ingrained in our memories,
Appointments, tests and treatment,
Fear of the unknown,
Side effects or effects of the pregnancy?
Questions unanswered,
The google wormhole,
Thinking the worst to positive thinking
Manifestation to thinking why us?
A Monday we will always remember,
Hospital, blue lights, elevators, sanitizer, the whizz of uniforms passing by from sick patients to family visiting,
Patients plugged up to machines, some walking and some sitting,
Overload of information and emotional rollercoaster,
As I see on the scan the Dr writing the words ectopic,
My heart sank, time seemed to standstill, words being spoken but my mind was closed,
Next, I hear my wife crying, I stay strong and comfort her, whilst inside pain surfaces,
All in the space of a few hours, from appointments to an emergency operation,
Everything feels like a blur,
For am I awake or is this is just a nightmare?
A searing headache surfaces and pulsates like a beating heart,
Reality sinks in when the phone rings,
The emanating sound hits my ear drums like a bullet,
Adrenaline courses through me and I sit up,
I finally hear my wife’s sweet voice,
A flood of emotions overwhelm me, thank god she is okay
For I bring my wife home safe and sound,
Reality hits me you are no longer around,
You came into our lives but left so quickly,
From tears of joy to tears of sadness
Forever in our hearts we remember this day…

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Re: A Monday to remember

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Mr Price,

Thank you for sharing these words with us. We are all bound by this experience. I am glad that these boards have provided support. We will continue to be here whenever you need us.

With good wishes,


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