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Side effects after methotrexate

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Side effects after methotrexate

Post by Kaz_m »

Hi, I started bleeding last week and went into the EPU and they couldn’t find a pregnancy :( the sonographer found 2 large cysts and an unknown structure on my right ovary, I then had a cancer scare whilst they were checking my bloods for CA125 markers, luckily this came back negative. My HCG levels were dropping but only very slowly.
On Monday I had another scan and they found an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube close to the ovary - whilst feeling relieved there is no cancer, since finding out I am feeling super sad.
I received methotrexate 2 days ago and have not been able to get out of bed. Really fatigued and constantly nauseous (was sick twice yesterday). Just wondering if anyone had experienced similar symptoms and how long they lasted? I felt I was dealing with the loss a lot better last week as I was able to get on with things but now I am stuck at home in bed feeling sad and anxious

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Re: Side effects after methotrexate

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Dear Kaz,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy loss and the worrying time you have been through.
When we experience ectopic pregnancy we are suddenly faced with a life threatening emergency and it's treatment, possible reduction in fertility, concerns about the future and the loss of our babies. Experiencing any one of these an ordeal, putting them together is immense and your feelings are completely normal.

A lot of people are shocked by how tired they can be following methotrexate treatment. People can also feel and be sick. If however your symptoms aren't improving or you feel worse, please seek medical advice.
We have more information on methotrexate treatment and side effects on our website here ... thotrexate

Please be kind to yourself and allow time to grieve and heal both physically and emotionally.
Sending much love,
Karen x

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