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25 Nov 2021 | By Kerri

Now, more than ever, people affected by ectopic pregnancy have needed reliable support and information. The EPT has been a constant, providing information on ectopic pregnancy and space for those going through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. We are only able to do so with your generous assistance. 

We distribute information leaflets and posters to hospitals and clinics across the country to disseminate to those experiencing the condition. We support thousands of people via our website and our support services. We support research into the condition and raise awareness by representing lived-experiences of those who have had ectopic pregnancy to the medical profession and influential groups like the government and journalists. 

We do not charge for our services. We receive no government or corporate funding and so to continue our work, we need your help. Your donation will help us to help others enduring the ordeal of ectopic pregnancy in their time of need. 

Get involved

Donate your morning treat!

Donate the cost of your morning treat – the cost of a hot chocolate and muffin is around £5.90 in a well-known and popular coffee shop chain. You can even ask your friends and work colleagues to do the same. Just £5 could help us provide seven people with leaflets that help explain their treatment and signpost to support. 

Make a purchase!

By making a purchase on our online shop, you are not only helping us to continue our work but also raising awareness through our many EPTbranded items. Treat yourself or a loved one. Our Christmas cards and handmade decorations help mark the festive season with FREE UK delivery for orders over £15. 

Contribute your commute!

If you are working from home, #GiveBack the cost of your commute for one day or week or month.  

The average UK workers spends £15.30 a week travelling to and from work. £15 could help us operate our helpline for an hour. 

Join our fantastic fundraisers!

We are supported by a community of fabulous fundraisers that generously donate their time and energy into raising money to fund our crucial work. From hula-hooping to squat challenges, wing –walking and marathons to donating profits from small businesses, EPT fundraisers are hugely creative! We also offer our EPTea Parties and EPT1000 Challenge. Our fundraisers are a vital part of the EPT community and our Fundraising Co-ordinator, Jill, would love to welcome more inspirational people to our team!  

We have lots of ideas to get you started on our fundraising inspiration page 


Every act of giving has a story. As a supporter of The EPT, you can share what you are doing to help the charity using the #MyGivingStory and #TheEPT hashtags. Please do tag us in your posts and stories!  

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Thank you!

Your support makes a big difference and we are extremely grateful for every donation you so generously give, each purchase that you make from our shop, and the time and dedication of our fundraisers and volunteers  

If you would like to, you can make a donation of your choosing here.

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