Your experiences of ectopic pregnancy

Experiencing baby loss can be a lonely time. Through our on-line community, we strive to offer mutual support to women and their families. We frequently receive stories and illustrations which evoke the deep emotions felt by those who have suffered an ectopic pregnancy and you can read a selection of them here. Thank you to our contributors for sharing these pieces with us and in doing so offering support to women suffering similar experiences.

Amelia openly shares her experience of pregnancy loss

Amelia has bravely and honestly shared her feelings and experiences of baby loss and hopes by doing so it will help others to feel less alone. Please read her story Alone in a supportive sea

Gemma experienced an ectopic in March 2011

I received a great deal of support from the forum and I’m very grateful you’re here to support women going through this horrendous experience.

My baby would have turned 2 years this month. I did a drawing of my experience as sometimes it’s easier to convey pictures of how it feels.

I’m an aspiring illustrator and I drew this as it’s the main flashback I have even now.

Gemma's experiences of ectopic pregnancy

Alex wrote a comic about her experiences of ectopic pregnancy

Last year after my ectopic, I drew Ectopia, a comic of some of my experiences during those first few days. It’s very amateur and my own personal experience.

Edith (not real name) asks… if I remain childless

I would like to think I’ll try and talk about it whenever I can so people lose their fear of it. But I probably won’t. It’s like the ectopic pregnancy. No one ever talks about them, or miscarriages. But lots of people have them, suffer quietly and feel like the world’s caved in. Then they get better and never mention it again. Of course that makes perfect sense – why go over something which is so painful? But aren’t we letting ourselves and other people down? Aren’t we denying the truth of our human existence which is that it is nasty, brutish and short and filled with days of angst and despair as well as days of skipping and pay rises and fluffy clouds in blue skies that go on forever? Read more on Edith’s website

Yvette’s poem

Yvette wrote a poem about her loss, that might be useful if you have experienced this difficult loss.

Siobhan Lynch

Has published her beautiful song Empty Arms.

Ameilie’s song

Written and sung by Ameilie to help her deal with the trauma of her ectopic and raise awareness.

If you require emotional support, please feel free to use our discussion forum where you can share your experiences and give each other mutual support on a range of topics and many women find this a huge comfort.

Ashley-Jane Holmes Poem

I’m lost
I’m empty
I’m all over the place
Our chance to be happy
Not even a trace 😪

I’m absolutely devastated
Words can’t start to describe
This feeling of anger
Iv locked up inside

It kills me
It haunts me
I’m an absolute state!
I’ve lost myself
At an impeccable rate!

I wish someone could help
But seriously, what can they do?
The only one that I want
Baby it’s you 😪

#EctopicPregnancy💔 #Awareness💔 #1in80💔 #10June2017💔 #7Weeks3Days💔

Cindy’s Poem

Cindy wrote this poem while still in hospital and finds it important in her healing journey.

Cindy's poem about her experiences of ectopic pregnancy

Chris’s Poem

Chris wrote this beautiful and honest poem to express his feelings about him and his wife’s ectopic experience.


The phone call, the worry

The anguish, the hurry.

The hope and regain,

The image, the pain.

The baby, my wife,

No decision, her life.

The surgery, the fears,

The heartbreak, the tears.

The relief, the kiss,

Deep thoughts, a wisp.

Though we never met,

We shall never forget.

Love Mummy & Daddy

– Chris Gale


Lyndsey’s Poem

Lyndsey wrote this heart-breaking and poignant poem to their little lost bean from her hospital bed when she was going through her ectopic pregnancy Your Mummy