BBC's This Is Going To Hurt, ectopic pregnancy storyline

24 Feb 2022 | By Kerri

BBC Series ‘This Is Going To Hurt’, episode 6 available now on BBC iplayer and scheduled to air on BBC One on 15 March, includes a ruptured ectopic pregnancy storyline.  

While much of the episode is accurate, the diagnosis aspect is not quite as precise as we might have wished – in most cases, an internal scan is needed for diagnosis. Sometimes in emergency cases, a trans-abdominal scan may be carried out quickly to look for major bleeding as an initial assessment. 

Ectopic pregnancy can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms are similar to other, more common, conditions such as gastroenteritis, miscarriage, urinary tract infection, or even appendicitis. Doctors rely on having clear information about symptoms and so the more you can tell a doctor about what has changed, what feels different, and what is worrying you, the more likely they are to be able to diagnose quickly and accurately. Detailed general information about diagnosing an ectopic pregnancy can be found here on our website.

We understand how important it is that ectopic pregnancy is highlighted in prime time television shows to create vital awareness and we have contacted the BBC to signpost to our information so that anyone who has symptoms has a clearer understanding of what sort of investigation they might expect and can access our support. 

Update 24 February 2022: We thank BBC Action Line for responding quickly to our request to signpost to our information and support. We felt it crucial to have our information and support available as soon as possible in light of the streaming and scheduled episode. You can view the updated information on the BBC website.

Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy

Our support services are available to anyone affected by ectopic pregnancy.

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