Amplifying the work of The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

22 Sep 2022 | By Kerri
Boosting the work of The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust through SEO

At The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, our mission is to offer information, education, and support to those affected by ectopic pregnancy. Being able to easily find our dedicated, high-quality online resources on ectopic pregnancy is key. We partnered with digital agency Bravand on a project to improve our search engine reach (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO). This means that people searching on Google (one of the most popular search engines but others are available) for key terms, such as “ectopic pregnancy” should find The EPT website with ease, to be able to access our crucial information and support in their time of need.

We worked with Bravand to redesign our website last year, providing a warm, welcoming space at a devastating time. This recent SEO work was to drive our communication efforts and the project is already showing results for the charity. After four months of hard work, we are rapidly boosting up the Google search results, currently appearing in sixth position.

But what does the outcome mean in real terms? Most importantly, it means that more people will find our website, which is full of reliable, accurate information.

For those who are experiencing ectopic pregnancy symptoms, this could be vital in recognising the need to seek urgent medical assistance. For women/pregnant people and their partners who are going through diagnosis or just received the difficult news, we provide vital information to many, many questions for the weeks and months ahead.

If you have been impacted by ectopic pregnancy, we hope that by finding us you have discovered information, support, and community. Nicola, who sadly experienced an ectopic pregnancy, commented that: “The EPT was the first support I came across after my ectopic loss. I don’t know what I would have done if this didn’t exist.”

Finally, the charity’s website and work being more present and accessible online will enhance our fundraising efforts. The EPT is not government-funded and relies entirely on the kindness of our donors and fundraisers. This generosity keeps us going. We encourage you to read more about our recent fundraising or to donate here if you can.

You can read more about this project on Bravand’s blog. Work on our SEO will continue in the coming months, always with the goal of helping people connect with The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust to support and inform them more easily in mind.

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