Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day: The EPT launches new symptoms of ectopic pregnancy animation

01 Aug 2022 | By The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

Knowing the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy could save a life. 

Our animated short film is to raise awareness of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. People from all backgrounds and circumstances can be affected by ectopic pregnancy and we think it is crucial that everyone should know what to look out for so that they or their loved one seeks medical attention quickly.  

This is the first film in a series and introduces Jo. Jo demonstrates the key signs of an ectopic pregnancy through actions. It is in picture format and easy to follow so that viewers are able to remember and identify the signs of ectopic pregnancy if needed. The images used are sensitive to show aspects like vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, and bowel and bladder problems. The details provided signpost to our website for further information and support. 

This video is part of a bigger project. While currently the video has the voiceover explanation and captions in English, we aim to produce various language versions by changing the main character and voiceover. This will mean that people who are native speakers of other languages are able to access crucial information about ectopic pregnancy. 

We found an animation studio that is passionate about working with charities and raising awareness of important social issues and education. They have enabled us to realise our vision in breaking down barriers so people are able to find accessible information on ectopic pregnancy. 

We hope that this film and the others that follow in the series will increase awareness of ectopic pregnancy across communities. It is crucial that people from all backgrounds and circumstances know about ectopic pregnancy so that people can identify the symptoms and seek medical care quickly. 

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Animation © The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust   

Produced with Alex Pink’s AP•CGI Studio

Animation made with thanks to a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund

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