LSM Wealth supporting The EPT

28 Nov 2022 | By Kerri
LSM Wealth supporting The EPT this Christmas

LSM Wealth are sending The EPT’s Christmas cards to their clients this year, raising much-needed awareness of ectopic pregnancy and the work that we do. Martin and Mary who work at LSM Wealth told us about why they chose to support us.  

Has your company sent charity Christmas cards before and why did you choose to buy The EPT’s charity cards this year?  

Martin: We have never purchased charity Christmas cards before as we normally create our own to send to our clients. However, your charity is very close to the team’s hearts for personal reasons and we wanted to support you at this time to spread awareness of The EPT among our clients across the country.  

Mary: I approached Martin to ask whether he would like to support The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust for this year’s Christmas cards as he was aware that I have experienced an ectopic pregnancy and now volunteer for the charity which has supported me so much. 

Why do you think companies supporting charities is a positive step?  

Martin: We are mindful that small charities are having a tough time at the moment and need all the financial support that they can get. By supporting The EPT, we are not only helping financially but also spreading the word. There are so many women and couples who go through this trauma without the wider public knowing about the condition and how many people it affects. Companies supporting small charities at Christmas provides much-needed financial resources for the following year.  

Mary: By sending Christmas cards to our clients, this not only supports the charity financially, but also supports people who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy by raising awareness.  

We are very grateful to be the very first charity LSM Wealth has supported at Christmas through buying our cards.    

If your company would like to support us by purchasing EPT-branded Christmas cards or other merchandise, please visit our online shop or get in touch by emailing us at 

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