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08 Dec 2021 | By Kerri

There are 14.1 million people living with a disability in the UK, including 19% of working age adults. As a charity focused on providing reliable information and support to anyone affected by ectopic pregnancy, it is vital to us that those who need us are not only able to find our resources but also be able to use them with ease.

ReachDeck supports people with visual impairments and hidden disabilities as well as non-native speakers and people with digital skills needs – everyone should feel welcomed and included in our digital-first world.

Try our ReachDeck tool bar by clicking the orange icon with the little person image on the bottom left of the screen. This launches the ReachDeck toolbar and you can then select which feature you would like to use:

  • Text-to-Speech reads on-screen text out loud with read along highlighting
  • Translation allows words to be translated into multiple languages
  • Picture Dictionary displays word meaning through illustration
  • MP3 maker converts online content into MP3 files for easy listening
  • Screen Mask with reading pane reduces visual stress and improves focus
  • Text Magnifier magnifies text and reads it out loud. This increases accessibility of even the smallest web text
  • Webpage Simplifier creates a simplified view of a webpage and removes distracting content

ReachDeck makes our website accessible and usable. This addition to our website reflects our commitment to accessibility and inclusion for anyone affected by ectopic pregnancy.

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