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20 Oct 2022 | By Kerri
The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust Values

As the leading charity focusing on ectopic pregnancy, we are relentlessly driven by our cause – providing information, education, and support to those affected by ectopic pregnancy and to the healthcare professionals who care for them. We found it important to evaluate our guiding principles towards this purpose. Gathered as a team, bonded by shared experience and empathy, we unanimously agreed that: 

The EPT is Committed 

The EPT is Compassionate 

The EPT is Community  

Committed: our dedication is to providing medically-evidenced information and emotional support on ectopic pregnancy. We recognise that there is a need for a devoted space for this form of early pregnancy loss. We are here for anyone affected by this distinct condition. 

We strive to advance education and promote awareness of ectopic pregnancy among the general public and the medical profession alike. Our focus extends to supporting research into this common, life-threatening condition. Together, we are wholly and decisively committed to the specific cause of ectopic pregnancy.  

Compassionate: we stand together with those so sadly impacted by ectopic pregnancy, with understanding, empathy, and deep care. Many of us at the charity have our own experiences of ectopic pregnancy and appreciate how crucial it is to have somewhere safe and reliable to turn. Compassion is the beating heart of our charity.  

Community: bound through experience, motivated by empathy, seeking or offering support – our community is far-reaching, respectful, and united. We strive to make people who have experienced ectopic pregnancy feel seen, heard, and recognised, no matter what their circumstances and background. We foster an environment of open, supportive communication and learning about ectopic pregnancy. Our shared stories help not only to relieve isolation but also inform and shape care. Our ectopic pregnancy community cultivates engagement and empowers us to achieve more together.  

These values are embedded in The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and reflect our motivation. We are individually and collectively driven to put these values into practice, with experiences from those affected by ectopic pregnancy at our heart.  

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