The EPT’s impact during Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023

12 Nov 2023 | By Kerri

2023 marks the 21st year of Baby Loss Awareness Week in the UK. 

Following their loss, families find themselves on a new path they never expected to be on and this year the week focused on the steps along that journey and how they are different for everyone. Some steps along the journey can feel harder than others, but there is always a hand to support anyone when they feel unsteady.  

We want to reassure anyone who finds themselves on this journey, whether recently bereaved or longer ago, that there is a community that exists to help with whatever is needed, whether that is advice, support or simply someone to listen and walk by their side and get bereavement support. 

We helped to organise the Week...

The EPT is a proud member of the Working Group for the Baby Loss Awareness Week Alliance. We helped to focus the theme and organise the Week alongside the other working members (Sands, The Miscarriage Association, Bliss, Tommy’s and The Lullaby Trust) in consultation with wider Alliance members. 

We raised awareness of ectopic pregnancy and its impacts...

Losing a pregnancy is a heart-wrenching experience that no person should ever have to endure. It’s a pain that is often too deep for words, leaving families searching for solace and support in their darkest hours.  

Sensitive campaigns such as Baby Loss Awareness Week play a crucial role in raising awareness about the prevalence of ectopic pregnancy. By sharing stories and experiences, we help society at large to better comprehend the depth of this grief and the need for compassion, paving the way for a more empathetic and supportive community. 

In recent years, social media has proven itself to be a powerful tool for amplifying voices and driving social change. During this year’s Baby Loss Awareness Week, our social media posts were seen half a million times, with that number still increasing daily since the end of the Week. Every share allows our content to reach those who may need our support and resources. This is further apparent in our followers growing to over 37,700 across our platforms.  

Our symptoms animation video was viewed over 27,000 times, with many of the community sharing to help others identify symptoms. Every share has the possibility of saving a life.

We talked about ectopic pregnancy...

The EPT’s director, Munira, and volunteer, Gaby, shared their experiences of ectopic pregnancy on BBC London Radio. The EPT’s virtual support group coordinator, Sophie, spoke on Signal 1 Radio 

Our third episode of our Instagram Live series, Ectopic Pregnancy and Me, was held during the week. You can watch this back here. 

The EPT was invited to a pregnancy and baby loss event at Boots, the UK’s number 1 health retailer. EPT team members, Karen and Joanne, were on hand with information about the charity, a kind ear for anyone impacted, and links to our resources.  

We took a Walk of Remembrance together...

Our Walk of Remembrance saw people come together virtually to honour their own experiences and that of others.  If you took part, we hope that the walk offered some time out from the emotions of the week and allowed space to process your thoughts.   

Find out more about taking part in one of our fundraising events or how create your own unique fundraiser on our website. 

Together, we created a safe space to share and support each other in remembrance...

One of the most significant impacts is the safe and empathetic space for everyone to pay tribute to their own experiences and those of others. Within the comments of our campaign posts, it has been heart-warming to see The EPT community share their stories, emotions, and hopes without judgment alongside the outpouring of support from others. 

On Sunday 15 October, International Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness Day, as a community, we virtually joined together for the International Wave of Light. Our EPT candle shone brightly and many of you shared your own poignant tributes with us across social media.  

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made Baby Loss Awareness Week an opportunity to create change – from the many organisations and their supporters, to the committed team at The EPT, who work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that those affected by ectopic pregnancy are seen and their voices heard. 

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