The EPT’s statement on NICE recommendation on offering progesterone to women who have previously experienced miscarriage

25 Nov 2021 | By Munira

New guidance published from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that women in England be offered progesterone with a new pregnancy, if they experience vaginal bleeding and have previously suffered a miscarriage.

Progesterone is a hormone that is produced naturally by the body and, in pregnancy, it helps to prepare the womb for a growing baby. Offering progesterone as a hormone drug means that miscarriage might be prevented. This new recommendation will give hope to the thousands of people who have experienced early pregnancy loss through miscarriage.

The guidance states that progesterone be offered to women with an intrauterine pregnancy (within the cavity of the uterus) that is confirmed by a scan. Progesterone unfortunately cannot treat or help an ectopic pregnancy. In addition, the treatment will not be able to prevent every miscarriage and may not be suitable for some women. We also remind women that if they experience bleeding in early pregnancy to seek medical attention so that they receive personal and appropriate care.

Munira Oza, Director of The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, commented: “Early pregnancy loss is a heart-breaking experience. For people who have experienced miscarriage, this is welcome news that treatment is available that may stop it happening again. While more research is needed on early pregnancy loss, this is a positive step in trying to reduce the heartache suffered by thousands across the country.”

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