What to expect on joining The EPT’s virtual support groups

14 Apr 2023 | By Kerri
Wat to expect on joining The EPT's virtual support groups.

How do I request to join the virtual support group?

To join the group, you would first need to let us know by completing your details in this form. Alternatively, you can complete the form and indicate your preferred date here. 

Our Group Zoom Coordinator, Sophie, will then get in touch with you to confirm your interest and let you know the date and time for the group Zoom call. When it is close to the date of the session, you will get another email with the Zoom link and information on how the session will run.  

What will joining the meeting be like?

If it is your first virtual support group, you may wonder what to expect and here is an outline of how sessions are usually structured. 

  • The group is led by Sophie, our Group Zoom Coordinator. Sophie will be there throughout to facilitate the discussion. 
  • To start, Sophie will encourage you to consider the principles needed to create a safe space for everyone. You will discuss these principles and we will have everyone’s agreement to follow them. 
  • Then there are brief introductions where you are welcome to share whatever you feel comfortable.   
  • From the introductions, there may be some topics that are common. Sophie will highlight key topics in a few words that may help people to engage in wider conversation. She will also invite anyone to continue their story or bring up anything that they would like to talk about. The aim is to have a natural, flowing conversation.  
  • The session is your space as a group to discuss whatever you would like to explore. 
  • As the call draws to a close, Sophie will summarise and provide options for next steps.  

Creating a relaxed, safe space for you

Sophie is there throughout the call to guide the conversation so that everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and safe.  

We do ask that you join the call with your video on and try to keep it on throughout the call. This is for a couple of reasons. It is so you can see who is on the call which can be important in feeling safe. In addition, by seeing other people while you talk and their responses through body language like gentle nods, it shows that you are being heard. 

We do recognise that talking about your experience is very sensitive and may bring up lots of emotions, including perhaps some tears. If you would like a moment for yourself, you can switch off your video and re-join when you feel ready. 

Upcoming dates

The following dedicated spaces will be held in addition to our regular support groups:

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