Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day

Ectopic Pregnancy and Me

Behind every 1 in 80 pregnancies that is ectopic, there is a unique and personal experience. This Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day, we come together as a community to share our stories in our own words or creativity. 

We will be raising vital awareness and providing tools to start important conversations around ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy and baby loss. It will also bring those of us affected together to share and reflect on the experiences we have had, whatever our circumstances. We recognise that an ectopic pregnancy impacts many including the woman or pregnant person, their partner, family members, friends and work colleagues. This Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day is for all, however an ectopic pregnancy has impacted you. By raising awareness, we can reduce the risks of maternal deaths and near-misses, the need for emergency surgeries, and the effects on fertility and mental well-being. 

This awareness day may be challenging for anyone affected ectopic pregnancy. Having an ectopic pregnancy is a difficult experience so please be gentle with yourself and look after your needs. Our support services are available if you need. Here are our planned topics so that you can decide which posts you choose to interact with:

Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy occurs in around 1 in 80 pregnancies and can be life threatening, so it is important to have it diagnosed and treated quickly.

Some experience symptoms that are similar to other conditions such as miscarriage, gastroenteritis, or urinary tract infection. Not everyone will experience symptoms. 

For more detailed information about the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy visit our symptoms page. 

Missed/late period: Read Jacqueline’s story of discovering she was going through an ectopic pregnancy after missing her period. Please be advised this experience includes mention of adult children. 

Vaginal bleeding:  Read Lauren’s story of experiencing vaginal bleeding before being diagnosed with a tubal ectopic pregnancy. Please be advised this experience mentions older children

Pregnancy test: Read Louise and Jade’s story of getting a positive pregnancy test.

Abdominal pain: Read Priya’s story of experiencing abdominal discomfort as one of her ectopic pregnancy symptoms.

Bladder/bowel problems: Read Calli’s experience of bladder problems before being diagnosed with an abdominal ectopic pregnancy.

Feeling faint or Collapse: Read Danni’s experience of feeling faint as one of her ectopic pregnancy symptoms. Pleas be advised this experience mentions an older child. 

Shoulder-tip pain: Read Gemma’s experience of shoulder-tip pain during her ectopic pregnancy. Please be advised this experience mentions an older child, subsequent child and explores the feelings Gemma had about going on to have another pregnancy.

How can you support Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day?

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Share your #EctopicPregnancyandMe story

The image above of a woman holding her hands in a heart shape was created by one of our supporters. Her expression shows quiet contemplation and heart-shaped hands demonstrate care – whether looking after ourselves and others impacted by ectopic pregnancy or the love we have for our pregnancy or baby.

Raising awareness of the far-reaching impacts of ectopic pregnancy through your voices and creativity is powerful.

You are welcome to share your story through our personal experiences section, create a short video (please see below) or submit poetry, art, music or dance expressing your own experience by emailing 


Create an Ectopic Pregnancy and Me video

We would like to share some short clips of how your ectopic pregnancy impacted you. Topics can be healing emotionally or physically, your fertility, future pregnancies, your career – it really is an open forum for you. We welcome videos submitted by partners, friends, family, or couples. You are also welcome to create a short video of why Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day is important to you. 

You can find an overview on how to put together your video clip here. Your video clips do not need to be too long – just 15 seconds or less.  Feel free to include your first name and organisation/department if you would like these included. 

Please email your video clips to We will share as many of your videos as possible as we approach and during 1 August. 

Make a donation

Your donation means we can provide crucial support and information to many thousands of people affected by ectopic pregnancy every year. By supporting our work, you are making a difference, helping people to manage the emotional toll after an ectopic pregnancy.

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Join us for a moment of reflection

As the day draws to a close on 1 August, we will invite you to join us in a moment’s reflection. We will be lighting a candle at 8pm UK time for 10 minutes, for everyone that has been affected by ectopic pregnancy. This is an opportunity to come together as a community – to remember, reflect, and most importantly, look after ourselves. We will share images/video of our lit candle on our social media channels. 

During these moments or at any point on 1 August, we encourage you to be mindful of and look after your own wellbeing in whichever way is right for you. This could include sitting outside among nature, reading a book, listening to a song that holds importance to you, lighting a candle, or being creative with art or words. 

If you would like to share how you plan to spend your time reflecting, you are welcome to share in the comments or tag us in your posts and stories.    

Social media

We have created some downloadable graphics and assets that you are welcome to use and share on your personal social media channels on Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day along with your own content.


Email header/footer:

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You are welcome to tag us in your posts and stories on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Using the hashtags #ectopicpregnancyandme #ectopicpregnancyawarenessday and #EPAD2023 will help spread the word and raise awareness.

If you are a business/organisation we have a downloadable zip folder of assets and example copy here. For further information please contact


Whatever your plans for Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day, we would like to share your care for the cause on our social media platforms. To find out where and how you can tag our accounts, please read our social media blog and don’t forget to use our hashtags: 

#ectopicpregnancyandme #EPAD2023 and #ectopicpregnancyawarenessday

Other pages you may find useful

An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb. Most commonly the egg will implant in a Fallopian tube. If this is diagnosed quickly in early pregnancy, there may be treatment options with drugs or a laparoscopy (key-hole surgery). An ectopic pregnancy sadly results in pregnancy loss. Click the link to find out more.

Symptoms include vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. Please click the link to find out more about symptoms.

You can call our support line or arrange a face-to-face group video call and talk about your experiences with those that understand. We also have email support and a forum for people to share their experiences and chat with others who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy.

A place to remember those lost to pregnancy complications including ectopic pregnancy.

Help us support others by donating to The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

This last year, the EPT has seen a drop in donations. Help us keep supporting those through the physical and emotional recovery of ectopic pregnancy by donating to our cause now. Every penny you donate will make such a difference!

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