Code of Confidentiality

1. General principles

1.1. The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust recognises that colleagues (employees, volunteers, and trustees) gain information about individuals and organisations during the course of their work or activities. In most cases, such information will not be stated as confidential and colleagues may have to exercise common sense and discretion in identifying whether information is expected to be confidential. This policy aims to give guidance, but if in doubt, seek advice from your line manager.

1.2. Colleagues will not disclose to anyone, other than their line manager or if required by law, any information considered sensitive, personal, financial or private without the knowledge or consent of the individual, or an officer, in the case of an organisation.

1.3. Colleagues are able to share information with their line manager in order to discuss issues and seek advice.

1.4. There may be circumstances where colleagues would want to discuss difficult situations with each other to gain a wider perspective on how to approach a problem. The Trust’s consent must be sought before discussing the situation. Alternatively, a discussion may take place with names or identifying information remaining confidential.

2. Duty to disclose information

2.1. There is a legal duty to disclose certain information to the police including, but not limited to, physical or sexual violence or abuse or threats or acts of terrorism.

2.2. Colleagues believing an illegal act has taken place, or that a user is at risk of harming themselves or others, must report this to the Director who will report it to the appropriate authorities.

3. ​Breach of confidentiality

3.1.​ Colleagues breaching confidentially may face disciplinary action.