A Woman's Journey on creating conversations about ectopic pregnancy across communities

13 Oct 2021 | By Kerri
A Woman's Journey Podcast. A part of The EPT's Baby Loss Awareness Week

What is “A Woman’s Journey”?  

Chrissy/Ayshen: A Woman’s Journey is a space where women share their stories about their journeys. For many, the path to parenthood is not always smooth involving difficult topics like fertility issues and pregnancy and baby loss. We think it is important to provide a place to share all types of experiences. We do this through our series of podcasts and Instagram Lives and each episode has a different topic and guest speaker.  

This year’s theme for Baby Loss Awareness Week is wellbeing and that includes how to support each other as a community after pregnancy and baby loss. Do you think that A Woman’s Journey provides that sense of community? If so, why? 

Chrissy/Ayshen: We provide a sense of community by showing women that they are NOT alone. When you experience any trauma, it feels like you are in a dark space where no one can relate. We aim to create a supportive community based on the love and support that women can show to each other. A Woman’s Journey brings all these elements together, with women from all backgrounds and walks of life. By having an Instagram Live episode on ectopic pregnancy, we wanted to put a focus on the topic so people know and talk about it. 

Jemma, You generously contributed to the Instagram Live on ectopic pregnancy. Why did you choose to appear on the episode? 

Jemma: To raise awareness and thought it would be good to share my story so it could potentially help someone else. 

And how did you find sharing your experience of ectopic pregnancy? 

Jemma: Whilst speaking I was nervous and found that I felt like I was talking continuously throughout most of it! But it was an amazing opportunity to be able to talk about it and I can only hope it helped someone. After the discussion, I felt very proud. 

What feedback did you get on the Instagram Live for ectopic pregnancy? 

Jemma: I got very positive and complimentary feedback. I was told by several people that I should be proud for speaking out and sharing my story. 

Chrissy/Ayshen: The feedback we received was incredible. We got a lot of women who wanted to share their experiences with us but were nervous to do so instead some shared their stories with us in private. Sometimes just talking to someone can be comforting. From there, without noticing an individual is slowly healing.  

Finally, what thoughts would you like to share about looking after each other as a community after early pregnancy loss including miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy? 

Chrissy/Ayshen: Don’t suffer in silence and never think such a trauma is your fault. Help is available and reach out. Reach out in places where you feel most safe and surely the right guidance and love will follow for the healing process.  

We regularly share information from The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust on our platform. We do this so that people who follow us who have experienced ectopic pregnancy know that your charity exists and can go to you for continued, dedicated support. 

Jemma: Having a community to support me in my journey/story is very important to me personally. I feel that having someone to listen/talk is so important, so that you can share stories and experiences. Sometimes in our lives, we may not have someone we can discuss these things with. Also you may want to talk to someone impartial and who can identify with what you are going through. Without these communities, it could be a lonely time.  

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust provides peer-to-peer support. This means that you can express yourself with others who have been through an ectopic pregnancy. Our support services include: our online community through our forum, email exchanges, Zoom groups, and support line. 

Our Words of Wellbeing page has information on how you can share your experience to express yourself as well as helping others.  

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