Andy completes a mammoth mountain marathon

15 May 2023 | By Jill

Andy's Story

In August 2020, my wife Carol and I experienced an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in emergency surgery and the loss of our first pregnancy. From getting the positive pregnancy test result one day then being told that surgery was required and that there was nothing that could be done to save our baby was heart-breaking. Personally, I had never heard of an ectopic pregnancy before this experience and I felt so helpless in the situation as I couldn’t do anything to help. They are unfortunately common in pregnancy with 1 in 80 being ectopic, as we found out when Carol met someone else in the hospital in the same situation. Thankfully this resulted in this person and her husband becoming amazing friends and godparents to our baby girl, Ada.

The Howgills are a series of fells in the Lake District that are a trail runners wildest dream or a nightmare for someone who hasn’t ran in a long time. For me, its the latter of the two, but I promise I will go in and out of the pain cave and leave everything out there on the hills.

The Day:

What an absolutely horrific route to run. It would be lovely for a walk but running was madness. I came in at 7 hours 32 mins.

My right knee caved in at mile 3 then my left knee followed suit at around mile 6. Pulled my groin at mile 11. Went through two cans of freeze spray and six paracetamol. Every time I tried to eat I was sick so my energy levels were low to say the least. Had the weirdest moment ever at mile 8. I was struggling, alone and hurting so I just kept thinking about why I was doing it…

Which then brought back memories of when Carol and I had the ectopic pregnancy, so I was having a little cry to myself.

Anyway, it’s done, finished (like my knees).

Here is Andy’s JustGiving page.


Thank you so much to Andy and his amazing support raising vital funds and awareness taking on this gruelling mountain marathon, we hope he can enjoy doing it as a walk in the future!  If you feel inspired and want to raise funds and awareness for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, please visit our fundraising page. You can also email our Fundraising Co-ordinator Jill who will be very happy to help and guide you:

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